Posted by: 1hime | September 30, 2011

Kettlebell Deck of Cards (Strength Deck)

Wake me up when September ends – Green Day

I can’t believe today is the final day of September. Ten years have certainly gone by so fast!

Meanwhile, it was another day at CrossFit on Thursday, September 29th. I realize I’m a day behind in writing this blog as I was tied up the past couple of days.

We started the workout with a two round kettlebell warm up. The movements were as follows:

kettlebell swings 10 ( second round 4/4 one handed swings)
push ups 10 (second round 8 half burpees)
Kettlebell high pulls 10 (second round 4/4 cleans)
Two handed press 5 (second round 4/4 one handed press)
Goblet squat 5 ( Second round 4/4 split squats)
Thrusters 5 (second round kettlebell snatch 4/4)
One arm row 5/5 (second round 4/4)
Jumping jacks 15
Bicycles 15

I used a 12kg kettlebell for the warm-up and workout.

The deck of cards series is one of my favorite Training Room workouts! We get through the entire deck. Here’s what we did:

Hearts=kettlebell swing or snatch (I did snatch pulls)
Diamonds= split squat
Clubs = push press
Spades= one arm rows
Face cards=10 reps
Aces= 12 reps
Jokers =10 burpees

We ended up doing 20 burpees total! πŸ™‚

It felt as though we did a lot of split squats and push presses. This workout was a killer!

After I completed the XF session, I went to Ballys to jog in the pool for 35 minutes. It was a nice cool down after a hard workout!

All in all, life is good!

Stay tuned for more! πŸ™‚


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