Posted by: 1hime | May 8, 2011

Double Kettlebell Strength – Cinco de Mayo Style ;)

On Cinco de Mayo – Thursday, May 5th – I went to CrossFit after work to do my cross training workout. The challenge of the day was double kettlebell strength. We did the workout outside because it was very nice out. 🙂 The workout options were 5 sets of 5 or 3 sets of 10. I partnered with Jenna on this and we did 5 sets of 5 for with the exception of the bench press where we did 4 sets of 10. The exercises were: Double KB front squat with 30lb KBs each, renegade rows with 25lb dumbell, single leg dead lift (started with 12kg KB and the final 2 sets did 14kg), bench press (started with 45 lb barbell and then went up to 55 lbs the final two sets), and finally abs (knee to chest, rollouts, and a couple of others). Here’s the video of the workout in the event you would like to check it out. 🙂

Following XFit, I did a 2 mile easy run. It was a bit challenging because my legs were heavy from the strength workout. It felt fine though.

Life is good. 🙂


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