Posted by: 1hime | May 3, 2011

Single Kettlebell Strength

I had a long day at work. I was in the office at 7:45am. I had hoped to leave the office a little early to squeeze in a run prior to doing my usual CrossFit class. Things worked out. I was able to do a mile after CrossFit. 😛

It was a strength day at XFit. We did 5 rounds of 20 seconds work/20 seconds rest of the following exercises:

Kettlebell clean r/l
Kettlebell press r/l
Kettlebell split squat r/l
Kettlebell one arm row r/l
walkouts or planks (This was performed for 40 seconds. I switched this one up every round.)

I started with a 12kg KB for the first three rounds and upgraded to a 14kg KB for the final two rounds. I’m enjoying the sessions very much. I like Jim and the other XF peeps. 🙂

Here’s a video on the workout.

It was gorgeous out today and I was glad to have gotten a mile run in. I’m looking forward to more of this nice weather.

Stay tuned for more….


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