Posted by: 1hime | May 1, 2011

A Great Day!

“When you are through changing, you are through.” – Bruce Barton

I realize that I have not written a blog since February 1st! Time does fly! I plan to change this.

Today is a new day, a new beginning. A series of events transpired since February 1st. A few less than positive things took place. However, it turned out for the best. I’m a believer that things happen for a reason. Though to the naked eye the reason may not make sense, I’ve come to realize that ultimately things work out to our advantage. Sometimes change is a good thing. Unfortunately, I did not run NYC Half Marathon. However, I’m long passed that and have been excited about my new journey. This journey will lead to my achieving my goal of qualifying for Boston. I plan on dedicating myself to be the best I can be. 🙂

Today is a great day on many different levels. First, a few of my running friends (part of the Stinger group) ran the NJ Marathon and the NJ Half Marathon in Long Branch this morning. They did extremely well and I’m so proud of them! 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS to my Stinger friends! Kudos to everyone for their hard work! 🙂 My friends inspire me to become a better person and also a better runner. Everyone of them worked so hard to achieve their goals and they deserve the best! 🙂

In addition, I went to Bodman Park this morning to run a 6 miler. I haven’t been to Bodman Park since February 13th. I was extremely glad to be back. I can’t believe how I missed running those hills. I also missed the people and the beautiful scenery. It felt great to be out. I felt so alive!

I look forward to this week’s training. I plan on posting my progress and hopefully share some funny stories, LOL! 🙂

Till then!


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