Posted by: 1hime | January 27, 2011

Sharm + Running + More

I know I am guilty of not writing daily as I had stated. I was on vacation a week ago and didn’t want to spend too much time on the Internet. I wanted to explore Sharm and enjoy my time there. So here’s to a new start. πŸ™‚

I would like to briefly go over my experience in Sharm El Sheikh. I promise I will not bore you.

Please allow me to start where I had left off in the previous blog (in case you were paying attention, LOL!). I arrived at Sharm International Airport on Thursday evening 1/13/11 around 5pm (local time). I was tired after a long flight from JFK to Cairo, a 3 hour layover in Cairo and another hour flight to Sharm. I simply went to the resort (Sierra Resort) and got settled in. I went out with my close friend (who picked me up at the airport) and we did some shopping. How fun! πŸ™‚ I started anew on Friday 1/14/11 with some activities including running. The weather was nice in Sharm. Temperature ranged from 66-70 degrees during the day. It got cooler at night (high 50s).

Here’s a recap of what I did (from a running perspective) while vacationing in Sharm:

Friday – Ran 2 miles in the evening. It was windy but the temperature was 68 degrees. Lovely! I did pilates later that night.
Saturday – Did 3.5 miles. Temperature was 67 degrees. I then did pilates at night.
Sunday – Ran 3.5 miles. Temperature was 66 degrees. Perfect running weather!

The week of January 17th my activities were as follows:

Monday – Recovery Day
Tuesday – Pilates & Core strength. I was actually supposed to run that day but didn’t feel well. My stomach was bothering me so I decided to take it easy and give it another day.
Wednesday – Ran 2 miles on the beach! It was 70 degrees. It was great to run barefoot on the sand. I was the only one running on the beach so I definitely looked like an “outsider”, LOL!
Thursday – Ran 3 miles. Temperature was 62 degrees. It was cooler but still good.
Friday – Recovery day and travel day. It was time to return back home.
Saturday – Interval workout on the treadmill. I did a total of 4.6 miles. My workout was 4 x 400m. It was difficult but I managed to tackle the workout. πŸ™‚
Sunday – Did 4 miles. It was 20 degrees out. HUGE difference!!!!!!! It wasn’t too bad though. Thank God I was able to adjust. πŸ˜›

I had a nice time in Sharm. I went a few times to Burger King as they offered free WiFi! I was able to quickly check on a few critical things. I had one thing at work that I needed to finalize before it slipped.

My flight back to JFK felt much longer than my flight into Cairo International Airport. It must’ve been due to the 7 hour time difference. It’s always difficult to sleep on the plane especially when you’re sitting in an upright position. I was happy to be back home sleeping on my beautiful bed! πŸ™‚

Running in the warmer climate felt nice. I was happy to get some running in while on vacation. I look forward to my continued training for NYC Half Marathon.

More to come!


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