Posted by: 1hime | December 31, 2010

Final Workout of 2010 – New Year’s Eve!

I woke up early this morning to head to Avon for the 9am CrossFit class. The gym was finally open! 🙂

Today’s workout was 30 minute of body weight conditioning. We did joint mobility and then did 2 rounds of circuit warm up (similar to the actual workout). The workout consisted of exercises that were performed 30 seconds (of work) and 30 seconds rest non-stop for the entire 30 minutes. We did 5 rounds. The routine was:

Jumping or kipping pull ups – I did jumping pull ups
Mountain climbers
Drop squats, stat jumps or box jumps – I did drop squats
1/2 burpees
jump rope, jumping jacks or sprint in place – I started the first round with jumping jacks and sprinted in place for the 4 remainder rounds
Russian twist (body weight or med ball) – Performed with 15lb med ball

I was in Mike’s group and we started with the Russian twist and moved our way to the other exercises. Jim instructed the class this morning. It was a great workout! I was definitely in cardio zone as I sporadically checked my heart rate.

Chris introduced me to his wife Jenna! Today was her first day. She did very well. They are a cute couple.

I can’t believe that we are only hours away from the New Year! I’m very excited though. I plan to reflect on 2010 over the weekend as I’m getting ready for an event tonight. More details to follow. 🙂

Wishing all my readers a happy, safe, healthy, and prosperous 2011! May all your dreams come true!

Be well!


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