Posted by: 1hime | December 26, 2010

Saturday Strength Training and Sunday Recovery

I know I haven’t been blogging for a week now. Things were too crazy with the holidays coming and some problems with our heating unit. I had intended to blog but I always have to decided between sleeping or writing. I tend to go with the former because I found that I need to sleep at least 7-8 hours in order to function properly and be attentive to my body and how I feel.

I woke up early to get to the 8a class @ CrossFit (12/18/10). If I were running, I would’ve gone to Point Pleasant Beach Track. I plan to go to track soon. I’m working on my strength for now and then move on to running. It was a challenging workout. It entailed the following:

15/15 x 10 minutes of the following exercises (15 second work/15 second recovery to be completed in 10 minutes):

Clean and press (Left & Right with 12kg KB)
Row Pull Ups
Squats with 12kg KB

Each person worked individually in this but our group alternated with the row pull ups. I don’t recall how many rounds I did in 10 minutes. It was simply challenging.

After we concluded the 10 minute challenge, we then proceeded to do abs. The core workout consisted of 3 rounds of the following:

Toe touch
Knee Ups
Russian Twist (body weight)

It was 4 weeks on Thursday (12/16/10) that I’ve injured my left ankle. Things seem to get getting better. I’m not rushing to get back to running. Although that would be the ideal situation. I figured that I’ve had an unusual year of physical challenges that I want to end 2010 on a positive note and begin the New Year with a new outlook.

Last Sunday was a recovery day (12/19/10). I was in bed till 11a. My plan was to get up early and swim but I was so fatigued that I decided to enjoy the extra rest. I also had plans later that afternoon that didn’t allow me to go for a swim in the afternoon. My sister-in-law’s birthday was Sunday. I love her! She’s a sweet, kind, and loving person.

I found this article last week and meant to share it. It’s on the distinction between inspiration and motivation.

More to come shortly 🙂


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