Posted by: 1hime | December 26, 2010

Do 10 Rounds with One Heavy Kettlebell

Wednesday, December 22nd was a busy day for me. I had a couple of appointments. One in the morning with the nutritionist and another in the afternoon with the sports medicine doctor. The appointment with the nutritionist was disappointing (for me). The nutritionist suggested that I increase my carb intake. I have to re-assess a few things and get back on track. I’m confident that I’ll achieve my goal. I think it’s a matter of time. Having a thyroid problem can be very frustrating.

The appointment with the sports medicine doctor, on the other hand, was promising. I went to get a recheck on my ankle to ensure that things are healing smoothly. The good news is that they are. I am on target to get back to running any day. I just want to be cautious and strengthen my body to be prepared for running.

There was a CrossFit class at 5pm. I decided to go but due to traffic I was 10 minutes late. Good thing that they were still warming up. I missed the first round of warm up but was able to participate in the second round of warm up. After the warm-up, Jim went over the workout. It was:

15 KB Swings with 12kg KB
10 Push Press (Left & Right with 12kg KB)
10 Ring Rows

This was a solo workout. Each person did their own thing. The maximum time alloted for this was 20 minutes. I was able to do 10 rounds in 20 minutes. I felt good about that.

After the workout, we did 3 rounds of an ab circuit which consisted of:

Toe Touches
Knee Ups
Russian Twist (body weight)

It was 15 second work and 15 second recovery between each exercise. The ab workout was challenging. I need to continue to work on my core strength.

I was happy to see my girl Nora @ CrossFit. 🙂 She was there doing the workout. I spoke with her briefly after the workout. I also saw Judy, my former physical therapist. She looked great! She also complimented me, which was nice of her. She recently got married (in September). It was very nice seeing her.

Thursday was a recovery day as I had a Christmas party that I attended at my friend Susan’s house. I had a great time! I went to bed early on Thursday night to get ready for the holiday weekend.


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