Posted by: 1hime | December 19, 2010

Friday Conditioning + Updates

I have great news! I found out on Wednesday 12/15/10 that I got accepted in the lottery for NYC Half Marathon that will be held on March 20th, 2011. I was extremely pleased and excited that. I’m really looking forward to training this winter and showing everyone what I’m really capable of! 🙂

I know I’ve been MIA for the past few days. Just got tied up. I’m glad we are approaching Christmas. The good news for me is that I will have a 4 day weekend. I really am looking forward to that time so I can continue to focus on my health and fitness.

Wednesday and Thursday were recovery days. I’ve learned that it’s important to take rest days. I learned that the hard way. Wednesday was a planned rest day. Thursday, on the other hand, was not. I was stuck in traffic from work. The usual hour commute ended up being 2.5 hours due to some snow in Mount Laurel. It literally took me an hour and a half to get on 295 north. I hope this won’t happen again because I was drained when I returned home that night (8pm).

Friday was a conditioning challenge at CrossFit. The workout was not “difficult”. I felt I couldn’t catch my breath as if I were sprinting the whole time. Now that I’ve gotten you intrigued, I’ll tell you what the workout entailed, LOL! The workout was row, rope, or ski, and burpee landers! I did the row machine and burpees. The workout breakdown was as follows:

100m – 5 reps
200m – 10 reps
300m – 15 reps
400m – 20 reps
400m – 20 reps
300m – 15 reps
200m – 10 reps
100m – 5 reps

The burpee reps above were for the intermediate level. The more advanced level had more reps (maximum total of 30 as opposed to 20). In my mind, I was going to go for the advanced. Jim must’ve heard my private thoughts because he instructed me to do the intermediate! I listened. He was right. I wasn’t ready for the advanced level…Not yet!

The warm-up prior to the workout consisted of 3 rounds 30 seconds of the following (row, push ups, and squats). The post workout routine consisted of stretching. Patty was GREAT! She guided the group in a few stretching techniques. The stretch part was as difficult as the workout. All in all, it was a great experience. I really love this CrossFit center because not only are they hard-core, they understand the importance of proper warm-up and stretching. 🙂


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