Posted by: 1hime | December 13, 2010

Mobile Monday :)

After a long day’s work, I was able to squeeze in a 50 minute light workout. I did these workouts at home with the use of 2 different DVDs. The first was a 35 minute workout that focused on hip strength. It was challenging. The second DVD was a 15 minute ab workout. As a matter of fact, it was the P90X Ab Ripper X video. I can’t believe how challenging it was considering it was only 15 minutes! My abs were screaming. I love the feeling of my abs contracting. The good news I have defined abs. However, what I want is ripped abs. I mean like 6 pack lean ripped. If I keep up with what I’m doing, I will be there in no time. 🙂

I was happy to at least do something even though I could’ve opted to rest instead. Anyway, it’s way past my bed time. Time to get some rest. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update. 🙂


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