Posted by: 1hime | December 11, 2010

Old School Interval Conditioning!

I had an early start today. I went to CrossFit to do the 8am session. This was my very first Saturday experience. I figured since I’m not running, might as well work towards getting stronger. 🙂

We had a large turnout this morning. Jim did a great job of splitting up the group. He did count offs. I was with group 2, LOL! 😉

The workout was entitled “Old School” and we did 4 rounds: 30/25, 30/20, 25/15, and 20/10 (These are seconds. The first denotes the workout duration and the second is the recovery). The workout entailed the following:

Air squats or drop squats
Mountain climbers or bicycles (I alternated between the two)
Fast step ups
1/2 burpees or tucks (the 1/2 burpees are push ups with a tuck)
Snatch pulls (with 12kg KB)
Kneeling slam ball (with 15 lb medicine ball)
Jumping jacks
Jump pull ups

There was a minute recovery between rounds. This was challenging. However, I felt stronger. I was happy about that. 🙂

CrossFit had their annual holiday party scheduled @ 5pm but I decided to rest instead. I would’ve loved to join the group and mingle. But considering it’s a 45 minute drive, it was more conducive for me to be close to home. I do enough commuting during the week for work.

Stay tuned for more. 🙂


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