Posted by: 1hime | October 10, 2010

Time is of the Essence!

Time is like a sword: If you don’t cut it, then it will cut you. This famous Arabic proverb was engraved in my mind since I was an adolescent while schooling in Egypt. I used to ponder upon this topic a lot. I became impatient because some things in my life took forever to get accomplished (it seemed like forever though). The cultural pace in a foreign country is unlike the U.S. Sense of urgency is somewhat nonexistent. It was extremely difficult for me to adjust to a non Anglo culture. Nevertheless, I’m happy to have been back home for nine and a half years now.

I’ve learned that patience is important in seeing your goals come to fruition. For example, if you’re on a diet plan, it takes time to get in shape. These things don’t happen overnight. Similarly, when you’re injured, the recovery process takes it course. I didn’t realize how running was a huge part of my life. You can only understand this if you’re a runner. Being sidelined due to an injury is not fun. However, I took this as an opportunity to become more in sync with myself. Here are some things I did that helped me get past the frustration of not running:

Blessing in Disguise: At first it was hard to recognize and believe that I was injured. I was always on the run (work, school, etc.) and didn’t have the time to even think clearly for a moment. When I came to my senses, I thought of this as an opportunity to address the weakness that led to injury (i.e. foot, ankle, hip, and lower extremities).

Cross-Training: I was never a big fan of swimming. As a matter of fact, I almost drowned at the age of 11. Only courage and strength helped me somewhat overcome this fear. I took swimming classes in 2009 to learn the basic techniques. I swam in the pool in the beginning of the year while training for my first triathlon. I took this opportunity to work on my swimming strokes. I am more comfortable in the water, needless to say, and am confident that I’ll be a better swimmer as time progresses.

Stress Reliever: This was a difficult one. Running was my stress reliever. I had to do something that would steer my focus in the right direction. I decided to channel the energy in nutrition. There’s a strong correlation between nutrition and peak performance. With that in mind, I seeked a nutritionist (Tom Bilella) with whom I’ve been working with for the past three and a half months. I’ve learned a great deal about my dietary habits and water consumption. I’m confident that Tom’s expert advice will help me become a better performer. 🙂

Keep in Touch: With the help of my running coach, I’ve kept in touch with all my running friends by going to the track, cheering them on, and just having a nice time hanging out.

Positive Attitude & Forward Thinking: Although it’s easier said than done to maintain a positive attitude in a downfall, I believe it really helps with recovery. Also, keeping in mind what’s in store for the future will help keep you focused on achieving your goals.

So I’ve allowed time to pass while productively focusing on ways that will assist me in the future. I might still need some work but I’m getting there. 🙂


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